Neeraj Kumari Employee Satisfaction and Growth Analysis

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Neeraj Kumari Employee Satisfaction and Growth Analysis


In the study, the dimensions across which it was measured were – Superior-Subordinate relationship, Role, Culture, Career Development, Training, Goals and Motivation. Satisfied employees are more likely to be creative and innovative and come up with breakthroughs that allow a company to grow and change positively with time and changing market conditions. The objectives of the survey conducted are: - i) to measure the level of employee satisfaction at Tata Steel, ii)to see the effect of the measures being taken to enhance employee satisfaction and employee growth in the organization. Various aspects of these dimensions were listed down and converted into a questionnaire to conduct a survey on the employees of a private sector organization.The quantitative analysis of the results of questionnaire has been done through Mean-SD Score, Correlation of inter and intra items of each..? Employee satisfaction is supremely important in an organization because it is what productivity depends on.

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